Stephen Odzer
An Influential Figure in Business and Public Education

Stephen Odzer: An Influential Figure in Business and Public Education

Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY  is one example of a very influential figure, in the world of business and elsewhere. Early in life, he went to Yeshiva of Flatbush High School. After he graduated, he moved on to the Brooklyn College Scholars Program. When he was 18 years old, he started his very first company, which was founded in his parents’ basement. In 2000, Stephen Odzer was named as the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the area of distribution. He has now been working in the distribution business for more than three decades.


At this time, Stephen Odzer is serving as the CEO of This is a relatively new company that is looking to revolutionize distribution. In addition to performing this role in a basic capacity, he goes above and beyond to help others using this position as well. For example, he has started the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program, which awards 20 college students in the United States with a prize of $1,000. In order to compete for the scholarship, students must answer an essay question.


Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY is someone who started out with very little resources and built up a huge empire. He wants to give other young students the chance to do the same. Stephen Odzer believes that education is very important in a student’s growth, and he wants to help them achieve their goals and dreams by doing what he can to reduce their financial burden. Anyone who wants to compete for his scholarship needs to be enrolled in a university or be a high school student with a college acceptance letter.


Stephen Odzer has also been part of other initiatives to improve his community. He has been an advocate in the past for business cooperation between Arabic and Jewish entities. Stephen Odzer also supports Bris Avrohom, which is a large nonprofit organization that assists Jewish immigrants who are coming from Russia integrate into a new life in the United States, as they preserve their original religious traditions. In addition to causes that help Jewish people, Steven Odzer supports unrelated causes as well. For example, Stephen Odzer supports the AHRC, which is a nonprofit organization that helps children and other individuals who are suffering from intellectual disabilities.


In addition to everything he has done and continues to do for his community, Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY is a family man. He has a very large family, which includes seven children and nine grandchildren. Much of his philanthropy has been informed by previous events in his life, such as the murder of his cousin in 1994. His cousin, Nachshon Wachsman, was kidnapped and later shot while on leave from the military by Hama militants. Stephen Odzer had been close to his cousin and was deeply affected by this death. He named his son after Nachshon, and the family also started a center for children with special needs in Nachshon’s honor.

Exciting New Season for the New York Yankees

Stephen Odzer Looks Forward to 2021 and an Exciting New Season for the New York Yankees

Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY has been a New York Yankees fan for most of his life, and their consistent excellence has remained an inspiration for him. And while they haven’t quite gotten to the Big Game in the last several years – with a shortened 2020 season not helping their chances any – Stephen Odzer still believes that the Yankees will be a significant force in 2021 and looks forward to seeing them tear it up.


Why the Yankees Have Stephen Odzer Excited

In the first MLB Power Rankings of 2021, the New York Yankees were number three. And while Stephen Odzer would love to believe they ranked higher than this right now, he has to admit that three is about right for the team. This rating is both a good and a bad thing for Stephen Odzer – he believes that the team has made some big moves and may be a bit sluggish in other areas.


The Covid-19-shortened 2020 season was always going to leave many unanswered questions and strange holes for just about every team to fill. And Stephen Odzer knows the Yankees are not alone in this department. Their pitching is healthy, he feels, but a true knockout hurler isn’t quite there yet. Yes, Steven Odzer believes in Gerrit Cole but wishes the team had done more to shore up this department.


Beyond that hiccup, Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY believes that the team is in pretty great shape this year. No, they didn’t make a lot of dramatic off-season moves this year. Right now, they need to tie up DJ LeMahieu into a fair contract. The Big Fundy had a solid year in 2020 – considering the shorter season – and Stephen Odzer hopes his slugging percentage remains high this year, as the team will need it.


For instance, Gary Sanchez needs to be a bit more productive than he has been in the last few years. Steven Odzer loves how hard Sanchez hits and loves how often the ball goes flying out of the park from his bat, but he strikes out far too much for his good right now. A little work may help.


And what about Gleyber Torres? Is Stephen Odzer calling him a bust after a rather mediocre 2020 season? Not yet, he claims. Yes, he is aware of just how miserable Torres played in 2020. But the player is young – just 24! – and needs time to improve his skills. Everybody has a slump year and, with the right concentration and focus, Torres could be tearing it up again.


The best thing about the Yankees right now is that they only need a few tweaks to become a significant competitor. Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY believes that the right focus of personnel adjustment, a little batting practice, and some fielding drills will get the team back where they were in the early 2000s – on top.

Benefits of Giving Back and Supporting Your Local Community

Philanthropist Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY Looks at the Benefits of Giving Back and Supporting Your Local Community

Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY has always been aghast at the number of businesspeople in his circles who don’t give back to the community and have always been happy with those who help. Over the years, he has done much to help those in his community, believing it is more important to help than to be helped. This fact is particularly true when you are successful and want your community to follow your lead.


Why Stephen Odzer Gives Back to His Community

Over the years, Stephen Odzer of New York has become well known as a philanthropist, giving not just money but his time to help others succeed. This process is one that he has come to adore because of the different ways it helps not just his community but himself. First of all, Stephen Odzer finds that volunteering helps create a stronger community and build better relations with neighbors.


The isolated nature of modern society is one that depresses Stephen Odzer. In his day, people spent time with their neighbors, helped out when they could, and spent time interacting without staring at a screen. Unfortunately, that spirit of mutual uplift and giving is something he’s seen disappear in many people over the years, but Stephen Odzer believes volunteering helps build it in many people.


For instance, Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY has met many individuals in his community that he would never have met if he hadn’t volunteered. Working shoulder-to-shoulder on a crucial volunteer task has a way of bringing people together, Stephen Odzer argues, and he finds that many of the people he has met in this way remain strong friends and people he is glad that he ended up meeting.


And Stephen Odzer also finds that volunteering, donating, and other activities help build a strong base for a community and make it a healthier and happier place. For instance, when you help less fortunate people improve their life with food, a better home, or other steps, you can inspire them to strive for more incredible things, giving them a little boost to their current situation.


Stephen Odzer of New York truly believes in this type of charity – nobody has ever been hurt by a handout or by getting a little hand from time to time. The idea that charity and volunteering “enable” homelessness or poorness is something Stephen Odzer believes needs to end. The world only succeeds, he believes, if it is willing to help those who are less fortunate and boost them up when necessary.


Just as importantly, Stephen Odzer believes that volunteering and helping others comes back to help those who perform these acts. The spirit of giving works both ways, lifting you as it helps others who are struggling. As a result, Stephen Odzer suggests volunteering and donating as a way of boosting your mood if you are struggling with emotional difficulties.

Why Hiring People with Disabilities Is So Important

Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY Looks at Why Hiring People with Disabilities Is So Important

People with disabilities have long been underrepresented and overlooked in the workplace. This comes from a combination of low expectations and preconceived assumptions about their abilities. While we have made some advancements in hiring people with disabilities since the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, stigma and misunderstanding are still prevalent in the hiring space.


This is why it’s so important to make a concerted effort to interview and hire people with disabilities whenever possible, says Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY. Because the only thing that will change the existing stigma is to expose the workforce to real people who are differently-abled. Here are a few benefits of a truly inclusive workplace.


People With Disabilities Are Reliable Employees Says Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY

Many studies have concluded that differently-abled people take fewer absent days and are more likely to stay with their company than non-disabled workers. In fact, The Chicago Lighthouse performed a study on employee retention rates in the Illinois Tollway Customer Care Center and found that employees with disabilities had a retention rate of 1.7 years compared to 0.9 years for other employees. That’s almost double the amount of time!


As the CEO of a major distribution company, Stephen Odzer of New York understands how costly turnover can be – in dollars and lost manhours. Whatever the reasons, studies agree that hiring people with disabilities can cut turnover.


Employees with Disabilities are Less Likely to Get Into Work-Related Accidents

A study in the 1940s by the Department of Labor Statistics concluded that workers with disabilities scored much higher in safety than their abled counterparts. This study was backed up by a more recent one conducted by DuPont, who reviewed workers in labor, operational, managerial, clerical, and service industries.


This is likely a result of a combination of factors including a generally heightened body awareness, a stricter adherence to policy and procedure, and a heightened awareness of the people and objects around them. In other words, says Stephen Odzer of New York, employees with disabilities are more aware and fastidious about safety in the workplace.


Hiring Workers With Disabilities Increases Diversity

All employees – with or without disabilities – benefit from a diverse work culture, says Stephen Odzer of New York. Many stigmas and stereotypes come from not knowing an individual from that walk of like personally. When employees work alongside those who are different from them, they learn that they have more in common than not. They also learn how to make the workplace – and other public spaces – more accessible and welcoming for everyone. Learning firsthand about the challenges that people with disabilities face on a daily basis encourages compassion and advocacy.

Company Acquires OK Uniform

Stephen Odzer’s Company Acquires OK Uniform

Running a business can be exceptionally difficult work for someone without any experience. Fortunately, Stephen Odzer has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly how to manage a business without flaw. Recently, Stephen Odzer’s company BT Supplies West, Inc, acquired OK Uniform. The acquired company was an 85-year-old uniform company that was located in New York City. They specialized in uniform development for industries that included hospitality, restaurants, and more. Stephen Odzer knows how to run a business and decided that acquiring OK Uniform was one of the best decisions his company could do.


“We are very pleased with this new category offering to our many customers, across various industries, who rely on us for additional cost-saving options,” said Dan Marell, VP of Business Development. “I am excited to welcome Avi and Ezra, long-time friends and truly exceptional individuals, into the BT Supplies West family,” said Stephen Odzer, who orchestrated the deal for BT Supplies West. This is very fortunate as the combined companies will be able to create more diversified products for individuals out there. Stephen Odzer is a big proponent of creating an environment where workers and management can thrive by working together. Thankfully, this merger will allow for an increase in productivity for both companies which means that there will be more money for Stephen Odzer and management in the long turn.


Company acquisitions can oftentimes be seen as a bad thing, but Stephen Odzer does not believe this to be true. There is a multitude of opportunities that now present themselves to these individuals that have partaken in the company merger. Employees from OK Uniform will now have a chance to reach for higher levels of management now that there will be more spots available for everyone. Stephen Odzer knows that company acquisitions can only strengthen a brand and that this is definitely the case for BT Supplies West, Inc. and OK Uniform. The New York City company has been around for 85 years and can provide valuable insight on how to run things for executives such as Stephen Odzer and others. What’s more important is the fact that the companies can now produce more diversified products than ever before. This is due to the fact that they will be able to combine resources and provide more uniforms for more people than ever before thanks to Stephen Odzer.


Stephen Odzer Talks About the Importance of Philanthropy

Stephen Odzer Talks About the Importance of Philanthropy

Stephen Odzer sets an example for philanthropists hoping to improve society through generous contributions.


Stephen Odzer believes that philanthropy and generosity play a key part of a democratic society. This differs from a charity, which focuses on the symptom rather than the problem that causes it. Philanthropy supports institutions such as museums, libraries, and science. It also funds controversial programs for the benefit of the general public.


Stephen Odzer has long been a proponent for supporting other people to resolve social problems. When we feed the hungry, this is an example of charity. When we teach hungry people how to support themselves, this is philanthropy. It eliminates a social problem by finding a solution, according to Stephen Odzer.


Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund

Perhaps that’s why Stephen Odzer decided to start a scholarship program to help students receive an education. He believes that education is a major aspect of human growth. Allowing students to complete their degrees and become productive members of society is one of the noblest things philanthropists can do.


The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program gives Odzer a way to help students pursue their goals and create a more productive society. The program is currently accepting applications for students who will enroll in school for fall 2021. applications are due by April 30, 2021. As part of the essay application, applicants write a 500-word statement on “What is the biggest issue facing our society today?”


Stephen Odzer believes that a good answer to this question will help applicants and others understand the difference between philanthropy and charity. Great answers propose practical solutions to the problem posed.


Winners will be notified in June of 2021.


Stephen Odzer Lists Some of the Benefits of Philanthropy


Stephen Odzer chose to start the scholarship fund because of the increasing cost of colleges and universities. Every year tuition raises between 5-8% at most institutions and students have to pay fees for everything from parking to athletic funds. Students today face more financial stress than ever before.


Many families take out loans or second mortgages to pay for their children’s college education. With student loan rates on the rise, scholarships are more important than ever. Every grant and scholarship students receive eases the burden on low- and middle-income families.


Basic living costs for students have also greatly increased over the years, Stephen Odzer notes. It’s often difficult enough for students to figure out how to pay tuition. Many can no longer afford to stay on campus and take part-time jobs to buy food and pay for school supplies. Scholarships alleviate some of the stress on individual students.


Stephen Odzer encourages other business people to contribute to scholarship funds and other forms of philanthropy.

Announcing The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund

Announcing The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund

Stephen Odzer, entrepreneur and philanthropist has announced the launch of the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund. The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is a non-profit organization with the goal of raising funds to donate masks to those in need of them.


Stephen Odzer has seen the damage that this pandemic has caused globally and has decided to start the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund in an effort to reduce the harm done by the disease to his community and the surrounding area.


The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund group has based its efforts on research programs performed by The John Hopkins Medical Group which have shown that wearing masks can reduce the number of symptomatic COVID-19 cases. The studies were performed using the current strain of Wuhan, China-derived Coronavirus as well as a number of analog viruses such as those known to cause the common cold and the flu. The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund has reviewed this research thoroughly and is convinced that wearing a mask, especially when in close proximity to others, is an effective way to slow the spread of Coronavirus-generated COVID-19.


The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund makes masks and other protective equipment available to anyone who needs them. Anyone can receive a mask from the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund by applying to the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund website. It is a site that will be live before the end of the year.


While this may be Stephen Odzer’s first foray into the realm of health-related charitable work, it is far from his first efforts at philanthropy. Last year, Stephen Odzer announced the launch of the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program to help students achieve their dream of going to college. The scholarship was made available to students who have been accepted to any American College and who submit a 500-word essay answering the question, “What is the biggest issue facing our modern society.”


The program was completed in 2020 and is being renewed for the 2021 academic year. Students who wish to apply must submit all required forms by June 30, 2021. The winners of the scholarship will be announced on July 30, 2021. Students interested in applying can learn more information about The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program by visiting the site:


Stephen Odzer will be watching the results of his COVID Relief Fund throughout 2021. Further efforts to benefit those in need of medical supplies, medicine, or other forms of aid will be based upon the success of the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund.

Stephen Odzer Discusses the Republican Jewish Coalition And Their Grassroots Efforts

Stephen Odzer recently discussed the Republican Jewish Coalition and the group’s current grassroots efforts.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is constantly growing and advancing its community efforts. The coalition was created in 1985 as a bridge between Republican politicians and the Jewish community. What started in Washington, D.C., has now become a nationwide organization with regional offices in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York. Stephen Odzer recently discussed the grassroots efforts the organization has been putting forth in recent years, months, and days. 

“The goal is to bring a respected and strong Jewish republican influence to Washington, D.C., and across the country,” Stephen Odzer said. “The organization has put forth dozens of grassroots events and training this election year, and the efforts are not stopping any time soon.” 

Stephen Odzer explained that the Republican Jewish Coalition is constantly performing surveys, spreading around petitions, and seeking donations for the cause of increasing republican Jewish representation in Washington. Recent events include campaigning for Republican candidates in key battleground states. Stephen Odzer added that they achieved this through dozens of virtual National Days of Action, National Victory Team volunteers’ efforts, thousands of outreach phone calls, emails, and so much more. The total national grassroots touches were roughly 899,989. 

Stephen Odzer“The people at the Republican Jewish Coalition never stop working,” Stephen Odzer said. “The Jewish vote is critical to many republican victories, and volunteers understand that. That’s why our grassroots efforts can reach so widely and be so effective.” 

Stephen Odzer explained that the Republican Jewish Coalition fights for the Jewish vote and has had incredible success this election season. The legislative affairs program guarantees that 

Jewish issues are understood on Capitol Hill. The organization advises leaders and lobbies at state capitals across the country. 

“Grassroots efforts performed by the Republican Jewish Coalition allow the organization to engage in countless political activities across the country,” Stephen Odzer said, “Through donations, events, and other efforts, the coalition can support the candidate they need financially and politically.” 

Stephen Odzer explained the Republican Jewish Coalition is constantly working on getting candidates elected who reflect Jewish Republican principles and priorities. The organization is continuously working to support national security principles, small government, low taxes, free enterprise, and more. The coalition is vigorously in support of freedom from oil dependence and pro-Israel foreign policy. 

Stephen Odzer added that the Republican Jewish Coalition and its board of directors are divided on many issues, resulting in a more diverse and understanding organization. Many members have opposing views on global warming, gay rights, gun control, and abortion, and the Republican Jewish Coalition continues to unite on other issues despite those differences. 

“We need more organizations like the Republican Jewish Coalition in this country,” Stephen Odzer said. “Organizations that fight for causes they vigorously support yet understand that opposing views on other issues are important too.”

Stephen Odzer Founds Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund to Provide Masks

Stephen Odzer Founds Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund to Provide Masks

The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is Helping to Mitigate the Spread of COVID 19 with Masks


The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is mitigating the spread of COVID 19 by sourcing and distributing masks. Stephen Odzer, the driving force behind the effort, is leveraging his experience in business and supply chain management to make a difference.


The money raised through the fund is used to source, channel and distribute masks to vulnerable populations. For those seeking masks, the process can be completed online and only takes a few minutes. Once the application is approved, masks are distributed in a safe, efficient and economical way to help mitigate the spread of COVID 19.


According to Hopkins Medicine, the spread of COVID 19 can be mitigated with masks and effective social distancing. As such, Stephen Odzer is helping fight COVID 19 by getting personal protective equipment into the hands of those that need it. COVID 19 is one of the most challenging illnesses the world has dealt with, and it is critical that masks are utilized to blunt the impact of this disease.


During the early days of the COVID 19 global pandemic, sourcing equipment such as masks seemed like a serious challenge. This was especially concerning for healthcare workers and those deemed essential workers. Through innovation, determination, and a dedication to doing what’s right, entrepreneurs like Stephen Odzer devised methods to source high-quality masks and deliver them quickly and cost-effectively.


Leveraging these skills in supply chain management and logistics is a necessity and has the power to make real differences in people’s lives. That is why Stephen Odzer has taken the steps to set up a fund and get masks to those that need them. Non-profits are an effective means to use skills sets developed in private industry for the public good.


Stephen Odzer shares the concern and dismay over the impact of COVID 19 with the rest of the community. Vulnerable people are suffering, businesses are shutting down and those with pre-existing conditions are at serious risk of health complications. For these reasons, Stephen Odzer is helping to raise money and distribute masks for the good of households throughout the U.S.


Stephen Odzer is the CEO of Adiva Industries and has a reputation for excellence in distribution, supply chain management, and logistics. He provides a spectrum of supplies to customers across multiple industries, helping to sustain hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and many others. In addition to leading efforts for COVID 19 relief, he has also founded the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund to help students.

Stephen Odzer Discusses the Opening of the Silver Knights’ Lifeguard Arena

Stephen Odzer recently discussed the opening of the Silver Knights’ new Lifeguard Arena.

 The city of Henderson, Nevada, has seen major changes in 2020. The Silver Knights, the city’s new resident professional ice hockey team, has now opened the doors of a new practice facility. Hockey fanatic Stephen Odzer recently discussed the new Lifeguard Arena and what it means for the team and the local community. 

Stephen Odzer began by stating that the facility opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 10 a.m. Lifeguard Arena spans 120,000 square feet and was built in partnership with the city, giving the Silver Knights a home and providing a location for many youth and community events. 

“A new practice facility may not sound that exciting to some, but Lifeguard Arena is so much more than that,” Stephen Odzer said. “This facility will give the Silver Knights a home, and it will also provide more opportunities for area youth to get involved in the sport of hockey.” 

Stephen Odzer explained that the Silver Knights will join the American Hockey League in the 2020-21 season. This exciting addition to the league is a major positive for hockey fans throughout Nevada and across the country. 

Stephen Odzer added that the Silver Knights will continue to play their official games in Orleans Arena until a new game rink is completed at the Henderson Event Center in two years. He added that Lifeguard Arena has a similar design to City National Arena, featuring team space for the Knights, two ice sheets, a retail space, and a meeting space. Stephen Odzer added that the arena will also house a coffee bar and restaurant set to open in the future. 

“The arena will also feature a Silver Knights fan shop, and the team has recently released its jersey design,” Stephen Odzer said. “It’s an exciting time for the Henderson community.” 

Stephen Odzer added that this facility will expand the youth hockey programs offered by the Golden Knights. The new arena allows more space for teams, and ultimately, more opportunities for area youth to play hockey and enjoy all of the physical and mental benefits the sport provides. 

Lifeguard Arena is currently awaiting the Silver Knights and 2020-21 hockey season. However, Stephen Odzer stated it’s likely area residents will begin seeing events taking place at the facility. It’s an exciting change in 2020 that provides hope and opportunity for local hockey fanatics.