Stephen Odzer
Stephen Odzer Talks About the Importance of Philanthropy

Stephen Odzer Talks About the Importance of Philanthropy

Stephen Odzer sets an example for philanthropists hoping to improve society through generous contributions.


Stephen Odzer believes that philanthropy and generosity play a key part of a democratic society. This differs from a charity, which focuses on the symptom rather than the problem that causes it. Philanthropy supports institutions such as museums, libraries, and science. It also funds controversial programs for the benefit of the general public.


Stephen Odzer has long been a proponent for supporting other people to resolve social problems. When we feed the hungry, this is an example of charity. When we teach hungry people how to support themselves, this is philanthropy. It eliminates a social problem by finding a solution, according to Stephen Odzer.


Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund

Perhaps that’s why Stephen Odzer decided to start a scholarship program to help students receive an education. He believes that education is a major aspect of human growth. Allowing students to complete their degrees and become productive members of society is one of the noblest things philanthropists can do.


The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program gives Odzer a way to help students pursue their goals and create a more productive society. The program is currently accepting applications for students who will enroll in school for fall 2021. applications are due by April 30, 2021. As part of the essay application, applicants write a 500-word statement on “What is the biggest issue facing our society today?”


Stephen Odzer believes that a good answer to this question will help applicants and others understand the difference between philanthropy and charity. Great answers propose practical solutions to the problem posed.


Winners will be notified in June of 2021.


Stephen Odzer Lists Some of the Benefits of Philanthropy


Stephen Odzer chose to start the scholarship fund because of the increasing cost of colleges and universities. Every year tuition raises between 5-8% at most institutions and students have to pay fees for everything from parking to athletic funds. Students today face more financial stress than ever before.


Many families take out loans or second mortgages to pay for their children’s college education. With student loan rates on the rise, scholarships are more important than ever. Every grant and scholarship students receive eases the burden on low- and middle-income families.


Basic living costs for students have also greatly increased over the years, Stephen Odzer notes. It’s often difficult enough for students to figure out how to pay tuition. Many can no longer afford to stay on campus and take part-time jobs to buy food and pay for school supplies. Scholarships alleviate some of the stress on individual students.


Stephen Odzer encourages other business people to contribute to scholarship funds and other forms of philanthropy.