Stephen Odzer
Examines Areas That Had Hand Sanitizer When None Was Available Elsewhere

Stephen Odzer Examines Areas That Had Hand Sanitizer When None Was Available Elsewhere

Stephen Odzer knew that the Covid-19 pandemic would transform the world for a long time and was worried about the various small ways people would be affected. For instance, he predicted a shortage of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other essential goods. Thankfully, he has researched a few options for people who may still struggle to find hand sanitizer for their needs.


Places Where Hand Sanitizer is Still Easily Available

When the pandemic first broke out, Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY knew that there would be a rush on products like hand sanitizer and other vital items. And he carefully stocked up to protect himself and his family and provided high-quality options for people around him. However, Stephen Odzer knows that many people struggled to get hand sanitizer in the early days, and many still do struggle.


Typically, this struggle is more common in busy city areas, Stephen Odzer has noticed. As a result, it is often a good idea for those who need sanitizer to try out more rural areas near them. Take a trip to a small gas station on the outskirts of town or one in the middle of nowhere. Stephen Odzer knows these shops are likely to stock sanitizer but only sell to a small portion of the overall population.


And Stephen Odzer also noticed that these troubles were more common in areas with large numbers of children, as families stocked up sanitizer to keep their young ones safe. As a result, he found that regions with senior citizens often have more hand sanitizer purchasing options. These individuals often spend more time at home and likely don’t need to use sanitizer as often by comparison.


What Stephen Odzer noticed frustrating large numbers of people was the lack of online buying options from trusted vendors like Amazon. Although this problem has decreased in severity thanks to better supply chain management, Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY has still seen many people struggle to find high-quality options that easily meet their hand sanitation needs as a consumer with minimal difficulty.


Vendors that Stephen Odzer has noticed still keep their hand sanitizer readily available include Purell (probably the most common type on the market right now) and even attractive options like Vegamour, which focuses on keeping sanitizer as natural as possible. Stephen Odzer has seen opportunities like these come and go and knows that they may not fully appeal to the most significant number of people on the market.


When all else fails, Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY suggests using hand soap regularly, a product that most municipalities still have available. And if you cannot find these products, he recommends visiting local community centers that may have drives to collect older options and give them out or sell them to people who may be unable to find options that meet their overall needs.