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Stephen Odzer Speaks Out: What Does It Mean To Be A Visionary?

Many young people getting started in business have the same goal that Stephen Odzer had when he started a business out of his parents’ basement at age 18: to become a visionary. While the word visionary may mean different things to different people, Stephen Odzer believes that being a visionary means creating progressive solutions to problems, while staying true to the beliefs and values that matter to you the most.

Stephen Odzer’s distribution business has taken the industry by storm, and he’s heralded by many as one of the top distribution professionals in the field. Stephen Odzer believes in looking at long-standing problems in your industry and utilizing your imagination in order to create new solutions. According to Stephen Odzer, having a vision for a better future within your industry is key for making long-standing changes that will be recognized by others as changing the game.

Stephen Odzer also recommends respectfully challenging the way that things have always been done. While you may be hesitant to speak up if you’re a newcomer to your industry, Stephen Odzer encourages you to remember that you have what others in the industry don’t – a fresh set of eyes that can bring a new perspective to systems. Taking a look at the way that things have always been done and searching for a more efficient, cost-effective way to change long-standing systems can go a long way in helping you to recognize your vision of changing your industry.

Above all else, Stephen Odzer encourages young people to change their business to keep people first in all that you do. When you change things for your company, you want to be sure that both employees and consumers are positively affected. While it can take some time for those affected by the change to get behind differences in the way things have always been done, your goal should always be an end product that makes life easier and better for everyone involved, according to Stephen Odzer.

If you’re set on becoming a visionary in your industry, Stephen Odzer says that you’re already on the right track. Setting out to make things better and different can be hard, and many people are afraid to suggest new ideas and rock the boat. Stephen Odzer says that people who consider themselves visionaries are different. If you’re ready to switch up your industry, question the status quo, and search for new solutions, you’re on the fast track to being able to include yourself in the visionary category.

Stephen Odzer: How Philanthropy is Easing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has people from all levels trying to do what they can, and philanthropists like Stephen Odzer are trying their best to get things back to a safe place.

Various people and organizations are trying their best to make things go more smoothly and safely during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly aiming to make sure that the pandemic ends sooner and with as few deaths as possible. Whether it is accomplished through donating items or money, philanthropists are really stepping up to contribute. This is not the easiest thing to accomplish, given the severity of the pandemic, but Stephen Odzer explains how and why philanthropists are so invested in getting this crisis taken care of sooner than later.

Stephen Odzer: Why are Philanthropists so Invested in Dealing with the Pandemic?

Stephen OdzerSome of the ways that philanthropists like Stephen Odzer are trying to help during the pandemic is by getting supplies to the people that need them. For example, a lot of hospitals have been, at least early on, needing a lot more supplies than they had available, due to how unprecedented the coronavirus pandemic was. Philanthropists will either focus on giving money to organizations in order to get the materials themselves, or they try to acquire and supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks.

One of the simplest reasons that philanthropists like Stephen Odzer want to get involved is that philanthropists, being potential victims of the pandemic themselves, are able to use their money to push measures designed to improve conditions. After all, they’re still people, whose friends, family, and themselves are all at risk of getting sick. Granted, they’re more stable, but they want to take care of their loved ones. Conversely, they want to make sure that they can help people do the same when they do not have the money or the means to do so themselves. This is not to suggest that philanthropists only care because caring benefits them and their loved ones. Indeed, some may, but philanthropists like Stephen Odzer and many other philanthropists see something that they can do to help and having the tools to do so, go ahead with it.

There are also philanthropists who are helping out from other angles, Stephen Odzer explains. For instance, America is facing unprecedented levels of unemployment due to states closing businesses to reduce infection and death. This is understandable and has helped curb both, but workers need to be able to afford food, shelter, and general safety, Stephen Odzer notes. Some philanthropists are working to help offset that burden. People who are struggling with joblessness may benefit from certain charities, particularly due to the circumstances of said unemployment, Stephen Odzer explains. Such philanthropy confers a world of good for all the people left out in the cold by Covid-19.

Stephen Odzer Discusses the Unique Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities

Businessman and philanthropist Stephen Odzer discusses the unique benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

Less than 20 years ago, qualified job applicants with disabilities were regularly screened out of traditional hiring practices. Thankfully, the passing of the ADA Amendments Act in 2009, guaranteed superior accommodation for many Americans with disabilities. Even more, superior technology, recruiting processes, and access to new training techniques mean that today, businesses can successfully hire disabled employees who may need certain support systems. Businessman and philanthropist Stephen Odzer recently discussed the unique benefits businesses enjoy when hiring people with disabilities.

“For countless years, disabled potential employees were simply skipped over in the hiring process,” Stephen Odzer said. “Not only was that unfair to the people seeking employment, businesses were missing out on valuable assets too.”

Stephen Odzer explained numerous studies have shown that businesses enjoy numerous benefits when choosing to hire qualified applicants with disabilities. Stephen Odzer stated that one obvious benefit is a larger hiring pool. Applicants who were more than qualified but immediately discarded in the past, are now not being cut out immediately. This means employers actually have a chance to review their applications, achievements, and skill sets.

Stephen Odzer added that workplace diversity is essential, and disabled employees add to this diversity. Employing people from various cultures and walks of life can provide more insight into what customers want and create more room for varying ideas. Many times, people of different backgrounds and different abilities have different ways of thinking. One person may not see a solution to a problem, but somebody else of a different background may use their varying life experience to solve the problem. Stephen Odzer explained that a person with a disability may have different outlooks and ideas than those who haven’t dealt with such challenges.

Businessmen like Stephen Odzer explain that employees with disabilities can positively impact the other employees in the workplace. Studies have shown that businesses with employees with disabilities see a positive impact on the retention of current employees. They also see an increased work ethic among those working for the company. Staff morale as a whole is shown to be higher with a more diverse workplace, especially those including disabled employees.

“Recorded studies from 1998 through 2020, have shown that numerous positive business opportunities are shown with the hiring of qualified applicants with disabilities,” Stephen Odzer said. “Employees are more dedicated and show higher morale. Higher morale results in higher productivity, and higher productivity results in higher profits.”

Stephen Odzer suggested that hiring qualified employees with disabilities isn’t just beneficial to the employee; it’s beneficial to the company as a whole. 

Stephen Odzer Talks About the Effort to Aid Coronavirus Victims in Israel

Stephen Odzer discusses the aid provided to Coronavirus victims in Israel and how it could be improved going forward.

Stephen Odzer has been donating his time and money to those in need in Israel for decades. Over the years, Stephen Odzer spent part of his time with his family in New York, while spending the rest of his time with his family living in Israel. Moreover, Odzer believes in the need for Israelis all over the world to help the country whenever possible. With the spread of Coronavirus, the need for aid to victims in Israel has never been greater.

People (and even some celebrities) from all around the world are currently donating their time, money, and supplies to Israel. These donations and volunteer efforts have not been in vain either. Israel has had one of the most successful responses to Coronavirus thus far. Stephen Odzer counts himself among the philanthropists who have contributed, though he’s more interested in how friends of Israel can improve and bolster their efforts to completely eradicate the virus in the country.

Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer Talks about Sending Aid to Israel’s Coronavirus Victims

Many Israel doctors and nurses have already returned to the homeland to provide aid to their Israeli brethren in need. Additionally, money and medical supplies are coming in from all over the world. However, Stephen Odzer believes that we can do better:

  • “The current state of Coronavirus in Israel is stable, but far from perfect. Government actions have been swift, but there’s only so much you can do against a fast-spreading virus. Now is the time to increase efforts to thwart this disease. It will be difficult, but not impossible.” – Stephen Odzer


  • “While the government of Israel holds the burden for its people, we also have a duty to help our fellow Israelis. Aid in the form of money, medical equipment, and medical professionals needs to increase. That’s the only way that Israel will rise from this crisis without experiencing a significant economic and potential security crisis.” – Stephen Odzer


  • “New Zealand completely eradicated Coronavirus. It was the first country to do so. Other countries like South Korea and France have done well at isolating hot-spots and preventing the spread of the virus before it could even start. With the kind of technology that our government can access, there’s no reason that we can bring the number of active cases in Israel to zero as well.” – Stephen Odzer


  • “The key is collective action on the part of the international community. From its very first days, Israel has had a target on its back. The impact of Coronavirus could open the door to violence and disruption of daily life throughout the country. To stop this, we must aid the Israeli government and charitable organizations to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep victims from succumbing to this deadly virus.” – Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer: How Israel’s Technological Companies Are Working to Combat the Coronavirus

The fight against COVID-19 involves many nations trying to keep it from spreading, but it’s not an easy one by any means. Stephen Odzer explains how Israel’s tech sector is helping.

There are a lot of different ways that people are trying to employ to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, however, the battle is certainly an uphill one, as we are still a fairly long way out from a vaccine being developed. As a result, many of the solutions are more about preventing those affected by COVID-19 from causing others to contract it. In one such case, the Israeli technology sector has been hard at work, trying to develop ways that people can do this more easily, and Stephen Odzer explains how they’re doing it.

Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer on How The Israeli Tech Sector is Combating Covid-19

Stephen Odzer notes that there are a lot of at-risk groups when it comes to covid-19, and one of the groups that puts themselves most at risk are medical specialists, who have to not only have frequent contact with patients, but also have to deal with a constrained supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Stephen Odzer finds it especially sad how medical personnel are forced to improvise to the extent that they are. Thankfully, the Israeli tech sector is hard at work, creating ways around this. One of the ways is through an experimental surgical mask that contains a virus-neutralizing sticker. This was developed at the Galilee Medical Center, and the sticker was created using 3D printing by the Technion-Israel Institute. Stephen Odzer explains that the sticker uses nanofibers to capture nanoparticles and, if things work out, disinfect any viruses caught in those nanoparticles, including the coronavirus. Meanwhile, even high school students are getting in on it, Stephen Odzer explains. Students are producing robots that can help in situations where contact with patients would not be entirely safe for medical personnel. This remote-controlled robot is not only able to deliver both medicine and food but also has a two-way screen that allows the staff to communicate with patients as needed.

One of the big problems many countries face, Stephen Odzer notes, is when they have to rely on other countries for their supplies. Countries are struggling to supply their own citizenry with PPE and other necessary supplies, much less when they are providing them for other countries. In order to not be dependent on other countries for this, Naomi Habib, professor at the school’s Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Science, proposed using small magnets to help Israel with COVID-19 testing and reduce how much is needed for each test. These are just some examples of how technologists from Israel are doing their duty to help fight COVID-19 — not only at home, but abroad as well. Stephen Odzer looks forward to seeing how things develop as time goes on.

Stephen Odzer

The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program Will Soon Announce Its Winners

The Stephen Odzer Foundation committee will soon announce the winners of the scholarship program. The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program provided 20 scholarships valued at $1000 each. “Education is one of the most important aspects of growth, and I want to help ensure that students can achieve their academic goals and success by limiting the financial burden the system has placed on higher education,” said Steven Odzer when he announced the creation of the Stephen Odzer Scholarship program.

The purpose of this scholarship is to get students closer to their goal of attending college. Those students who applied for the award had to be enrolled in a college or a university. High school students were also eligible if they have a college acceptance letter. Winners of the scholarship will receive their award to start the fall 2020 term.

Students who decided to apply for the award had to submit proof of enrollment or acceptance, and they had to write a 500-word essay answering the question, “What is the biggest issue facing our modern society.” Future applicants can learn more about future scholarship opportunities by visiting

“The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program is a way for me to give back to the community,” Steven Odzer says. Although he is now a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years in the distribution industry, Stephen Odzer started his first company out of his parent’s basement at the age of 18. Steven Odzer attended Yeshiva of Flatbush High School and moved to the Brooklyn College Scholars program. With his first business, Steven Odzer sold paper cups, napkins, and plates, which he sold door to door in his neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. After his door to door business took off, Steven Odzer started selling supplies to food chain restaurants, and overtime his clients transitioned to hospitals and nursing homes.

Steven Odzer is also a supporter of non-Jewish and Jewish causes including, Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps Jewish immigrants from Russia integrate into life in the U.S. and continue to foster their religious traditions. Aside from assisting young students to achieve their dreams, Steven Odzer supports the Arab-Jewish business cooperation, non-Jewish causes, and the AHRC, a non-profit that benefits individuals and children suffering from intellectual disabilities.

In his free time, Steven Odzer likes to spend time with his seven children and attending a Yankees game. He also mentions his grandkids keep him on his toes, and Steven is about to welcome his 10th grandchild.

Stephen Odzer Shares Facts About His Life


Stephen Odzer is a businessman with over thirty years of experience in the distribution industry, a large family, strong political views, and a sports fan. However, there are many things people don’t know about him.


Stephen Odzer helped orchestrate a deal between the Vegas Golden Knights and BT Supplies.


Stephen Odzer explains that on November 19, 2019, the Chairman and CEO of the Vegas Golden Knights, Billy Foley announced an exciting new partnership. “As the official supply partner for the Vegas Golden Knights, Lifeguard will name the team’s outstanding new facility the Lifeguard Arena in Henderson,” said Stephen Odzer. The terms of the agreement will change the name of the Vegas Golden Knights Community Arena in Henderson, Nevada, to its new official name, “Lifeguard Arena in Henderson.”


Stephen Odzer attended an event at the Economic Club Where President Trump was the guest speaker.


As a member of the Economic Club of New York, Stephen Odzer has had the opportunity to attend the event on November 12, 2019, where President Donald Trump gave a speech. “I’m a strong supporter of the Republican Party and the RJC, so it was an honor to attend the event,” he said. The President discussed issues such as moving production back to the U.S., the trade deal with China, and the current job market.


Stephen Odzer enjoys spending his free time with his seven children and nine grandchildren. When he’s not chasing after his grandchildren, he’s cheering on the New York Yankees or the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Stephen Odzer and his family also like to give back to the community. Stephen Odzer supports both Jewish and non-Jewish causes.


Stephen Odzer Announces the Launch of the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program

Stephen Odzer, CEO and founder of YBT Industries, is proud to announce the launch of the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program. The program will feature 20 scholarships valued at $1000 (USD) each. To be eligible for the scholarship students must be enrolled in a college or university program or have a letter of acceptance for any incoming freshmen. Open to all academic programs, Stephen Odzer hopes that the scholarship program will help to foster academic growth across all fields of study. As an entrepreneur himself, Stephen knows the importance of education and how it helps bring success in business. 

To apply for the scholarship, prospective students must submit proof of enrollment or a letter of acceptance from an American college or university and write a 500-word essay answering the question: “What is the biggest issue facing our modern society?”. For students who have been accepted to an American college or university for September 2020, they will be required to provide a letter of acceptance, which will be corroborated by the institution. 

“The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program is a way for me to give back to the community,” said Stephen Odzer. “Education is one of the most important aspects of growth, and I want to help ensure that students are able to achieve their academic goals and success by limiting the financial burden the system has placed on higher education”.

The scholarship program is now officially accepting applications and will close on January 31, 2020. The winners of the scholarship will be determined by February 5, 2020, and then notified after that date. 

For more information about the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program and to apply, visit 

About Stephen Odzer 

Stephen Odzer has been a successful American entrepreneur throughout his life. Since turning 18, Stephen has worked hard to create, develop, and successfully lead businesses in the distribution industry, leading to being named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in 2000. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Stephen currently is the CEO of YBT Industries where he looks to transform the distribution landscape. 

Steven Odzer Shares 5 Takeaways from the Economic Club

Steven Odzer attended the Economic Club on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, where President Donald Trump was a guest speaker. “My table was right in front of the dais. I’m a strong supporter of the Republican Party and the RJC, so it was an honor to attend the event.” As an active supporter of the Republican Party for many years, Steven Odzer shares his takeaways from Trump’s speech.

Steven Odzer HendersonMoving Production Back from China
Steven Odzer has worked in the distribution industry since he was 18 when he started his first company out of his parent’s garage. He agrees with President Trump that the world is a competitive place, but it’s important to help Americans succeed. President Trump talked about his plan to move production factories back to the U.S. and help the American People.

Trade Deal with China
Steven Odzer mentions that one of the most important takeaways of the event was the president’s stand on the trade deal with China. In his speech, President Trump addressed his position on phase one of the Trade Deal with China. “A significant ‘phase one’ trade deal with China could happen. [It] could happen soon. But we will only accept a deal if it’s good for the United States and our workers and our great companies because we’ve been hit very hard,” said President Trump.

The Current U.S. Job Market
As someone who has been in the distribution industry for over 30 years, Steven Odzer pays close attention to the overall job market of the country. President Trump mentioned how Americans are now forced to work two or three jobs and make a lot less money than they made 21 years ago. However, due to recent changes in the market, “A record number of Americans are quitting the job they had to take the job they like even better … This increased competition is driving up wages for blue-collar workers,” said the President.

The U.S. Economy
As the CEO of the new YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, Steven Odzer is affected by fluctuations in the economy. A takeaway from the speech is the mention that the American economy is headed for an “economic boom.” President Trump said, “We have ended the war on American workers, we have stopped the assault on [the] American industry, and we have launched an economic boom the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Trade Relationships with Other Countries
Since this is part of his industry, Steven Odzer pays close attention to trade relationships with other countries. He shares the opinion with President Trump that many countries charge the United States with exorbitant tariffs or make it impossible for trade.

Aside from supporting the Republican Party and the RJC, Steven Odzer also supports the AHRC Foundation, Bris Avrohom, Jewish and Non-Jewish causes, and Arab/Jewish business cooperation. When he’s not making a difference in the world and his community, you can find Steven Odzer at a New York Yankees game or cheering on the Las Vegas Golden Knights. He also loves to spend quality time with his seven children and nine grandchildren.

Tzvi Odzer Reflects on the Success of Paper Pro, Inc.

Tzvi Odzer Henderson

Tzvi Odzer is the current CEO of YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, and has over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry. The business career of Tzvi Odzer had humble beginnings. “I started my first company at age 18 out of my parents’ basement,” he says. At this time, Tzvi Odzer started selling napkins, paper cups, and plates door to door in his neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. After many years of hard work, he was able to expand his business to selling supplies to food chain restaurants and eventually hospitals and nursing homes.

Tzvi Odzer confesses, “Janitorial supplies are not sexy items, but it’s big business.” By the year 1999, long after the days of selling door to door, Tzvi Odzer’s company was making it big. Paper Pro Inc., a company that sold janitorial products, made almost $15 million in revenue. Following the momentum of his success, Tzvi Odzer was also named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the area of distribution in the year 2000.

While many people would have been happy with this success, Tzvi Odzer was ready to catch a bigger fish. In 1998 Tzvi Odzer had merged Paper Pro with another company, but he decided to resign as President and CEO to focus on his new business venture. With the growth of the online market, Tzvi Odzer decided to channel all of his energy into, an online marketplace selling janitorial supplies and equipment., headquartered in the Empire State Building, became an exciting new venture for Tzvi Odzer. During the initial stages of, Tzvi Odzer was so confident in its success, and he invested $1 million of his money. With a 75% stake of the company, Tzvi Odzer used his Paper Pro contacts to raise $3 million in capital from investors to run the new company. He planned to take the company public later that year.

It wasn’t long before had ten employees and 1,000 members before the official launch. Tzvi Odzer had big plans for his new company. His goal was to have 10,000 customers within 60 days of launching the site. Although he was busy starting a new company, Paper Pro also remained a focus for Tzvi Odzer. He stated that both companies had completely separate agendas.

Aside from taking the distribution industry by storm, Tzvi Odzer also helps worthy causes. He is a big supporter of Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the Arab-Jewish business cooperation, and agencies that help people with disabilities. Tzvi Odzer likes to spend his free time with his seven children and nine grandchildren.

To contact Tzvi Odzer, please visit: