Stephen Odzer
Exciting New Season for the New York Yankees

Stephen Odzer Looks Forward to 2021 and an Exciting New Season for the New York Yankees

Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY has been a New York Yankees fan for most of his life, and their consistent excellence has remained an inspiration for him. And while they haven’t quite gotten to the Big Game in the last several years – with a shortened 2020 season not helping their chances any – Stephen Odzer still believes that the Yankees will be a significant force in 2021 and looks forward to seeing them tear it up.


Why the Yankees Have Stephen Odzer Excited

In the first MLB Power Rankings of 2021, the New York Yankees were number three. And while Stephen Odzer would love to believe they ranked higher than this right now, he has to admit that three is about right for the team. This rating is both a good and a bad thing for Stephen Odzer – he believes that the team has made some big moves and may be a bit sluggish in other areas.


The Covid-19-shortened 2020 season was always going to leave many unanswered questions and strange holes for just about every team to fill. And Stephen Odzer knows the Yankees are not alone in this department. Their pitching is healthy, he feels, but a true knockout hurler isn’t quite there yet. Yes, Steven Odzer believes in Gerrit Cole but wishes the team had done more to shore up this department.


Beyond that hiccup, Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY believes that the team is in pretty great shape this year. No, they didn’t make a lot of dramatic off-season moves this year. Right now, they need to tie up DJ LeMahieu into a fair contract. The Big Fundy had a solid year in 2020 – considering the shorter season – and Stephen Odzer hopes his slugging percentage remains high this year, as the team will need it.


For instance, Gary Sanchez needs to be a bit more productive than he has been in the last few years. Steven Odzer loves how hard Sanchez hits and loves how often the ball goes flying out of the park from his bat, but he strikes out far too much for his good right now. A little work may help.


And what about Gleyber Torres? Is Stephen Odzer calling him a bust after a rather mediocre 2020 season? Not yet, he claims. Yes, he is aware of just how miserable Torres played in 2020. But the player is young – just 24! – and needs time to improve his skills. Everybody has a slump year and, with the right concentration and focus, Torres could be tearing it up again.


The best thing about the Yankees right now is that they only need a few tweaks to become a significant competitor. Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY believes that the right focus of personnel adjustment, a little batting practice, and some fielding drills will get the team back where they were in the early 2000s – on top.