Stephen Odzer
How LIFEGUARD Is Helping Save Lives During COVID-19

Stephen Odzer Discusses How LIFEGUARD Is Helping Save Lives During COVID-19

Stephen Odzer of New York recently discussed how LIFEGUARD is helping save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.


WOODMERE, NY / The LIFEGUARD company has been saving lives for generations. The company’s lifesaving capabilities have become even more visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Stephen Odzer of New York recently discussed how the company has stepped up to save lives throughout these unprecedented times.


“As a leading manufacturer in the industry of PPE supplies, we knew this was our time to step up,” Stephen Odzer said. “We’ve noticed a major increased need for such supplies amongst businesses, so we extended our distribution to reach all corners of the country.”


Stephen Odzer added that LIFEGUARD is known for manufacturing and distributing life-saving products. These products have become increasingly important during the pandemic. One of the major lifesaving products offered by the company is the medical mask. LIFEGUARD provides top-quality medical masks in bulk as well as disposable PET face shields.


“There was a major shortage in sanitizers when this pandemic hit, and we have been able to supply sanitizers to the places that need them most,” Stephen Odzer said. “We offer hand sanitizers in multiple sizes as well as a variety of sanitizing wipes and other products. These are the products keeping homes, offices, and businesses clean and safe.”


Stephen Odzer of New York added that LIFEGUARD supplies countless items needed to keep healthcare workers and other essential employees safe while they continue to do their jobs throughout the pandemic. These items, like medical goggles and disposable gowns, have been spread to healthcare facilities, offices and more around the nation.


Stephen Odzer is a philanthropist in addition to the CEO of LIFEGUARD. He has been in the distribution industry for more than 30 years, and his expertise is what has allowed LIFEGUARD to be so effective during this pandemic. Stephen Odzer was able to increase production and distribution when it was needed most.


“We have drastically adjusted our product line to suit the needs of the times,” Stephen Odzer of New York said. “We’ve slowed the manufacturing of less needed items to make room for sanitizers, masks, thermometers, gowns, and all the products most needed during this pandemic.”


The entire LIFEGUARD team is composed of experts in their field. They are able to accommodate each business’s specific needs and ensure they receive their products in a timely manner at the most affordable price.


“We’re grateful that we’ve been able to help during these times of need,” Stephen Odzer of New York said. “We’re able to supply the most needed products at the best prices, and we’ll continue to do so throughout the remainder of the pandemic and beyond.”