Stephen Odzer
Company Acquires OK Uniform

Stephen Odzer’s Company Acquires OK Uniform

Running a business can be exceptionally difficult work for someone without any experience. Fortunately, Stephen Odzer has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly how to manage a business without flaw. Recently, Stephen Odzer’s company BT Supplies West, Inc, acquired OK Uniform. The acquired company was an 85-year-old uniform company that was located in New York City. They specialized in uniform development for industries that included hospitality, restaurants, and more. Stephen Odzer knows how to run a business and decided that acquiring OK Uniform was one of the best decisions his company could do.


“We are very pleased with this new category offering to our many customers, across various industries, who rely on us for additional cost-saving options,” said Dan Marell, VP of Business Development. “I am excited to welcome Avi and Ezra, long-time friends and truly exceptional individuals, into the BT Supplies West family,” said Stephen Odzer, who orchestrated the deal for BT Supplies West. This is very fortunate as the combined companies will be able to create more diversified products for individuals out there. Stephen Odzer is a big proponent of creating an environment where workers and management can thrive by working together. Thankfully, this merger will allow for an increase in productivity for both companies which means that there will be more money for Stephen Odzer and management in the long turn.


Company acquisitions can oftentimes be seen as a bad thing, but Stephen Odzer does not believe this to be true. There is a multitude of opportunities that now present themselves to these individuals that have partaken in the company merger. Employees from OK Uniform will now have a chance to reach for higher levels of management now that there will be more spots available for everyone. Stephen Odzer knows that company acquisitions can only strengthen a brand and that this is definitely the case for BT Supplies West, Inc. and OK Uniform. The New York City company has been around for 85 years and can provide valuable insight on how to run things for executives such as Stephen Odzer and others. What’s more important is the fact that the companies can now produce more diversified products than ever before. This is due to the fact that they will be able to combine resources and provide more uniforms for more people than ever before thanks to Stephen Odzer.