Stephen Odzer
Benefits of Giving Back and Supporting Your Local Community

Philanthropist Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY Looks at the Benefits of Giving Back and Supporting Your Local Community

Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY has always been aghast at the number of businesspeople in his circles who don’t give back to the community and have always been happy with those who help. Over the years, he has done much to help those in his community, believing it is more important to help than to be helped. This fact is particularly true when you are successful and want your community to follow your lead.


Why Stephen Odzer Gives Back to His Community

Over the years, Stephen Odzer of New York has become well known as a philanthropist, giving not just money but his time to help others succeed. This process is one that he has come to adore because of the different ways it helps not just his community but himself. First of all, Stephen Odzer finds that volunteering helps create a stronger community and build better relations with neighbors.


The isolated nature of modern society is one that depresses Stephen Odzer. In his day, people spent time with their neighbors, helped out when they could, and spent time interacting without staring at a screen. Unfortunately, that spirit of mutual uplift and giving is something he’s seen disappear in many people over the years, but Stephen Odzer believes volunteering helps build it in many people.


For instance, Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY has met many individuals in his community that he would never have met if he hadn’t volunteered. Working shoulder-to-shoulder on a crucial volunteer task has a way of bringing people together, Stephen Odzer argues, and he finds that many of the people he has met in this way remain strong friends and people he is glad that he ended up meeting.


And Stephen Odzer also finds that volunteering, donating, and other activities help build a strong base for a community and make it a healthier and happier place. For instance, when you help less fortunate people improve their life with food, a better home, or other steps, you can inspire them to strive for more incredible things, giving them a little boost to their current situation.


Stephen Odzer of New York truly believes in this type of charity – nobody has ever been hurt by a handout or by getting a little hand from time to time. The idea that charity and volunteering “enable” homelessness or poorness is something Stephen Odzer believes needs to end. The world only succeeds, he believes, if it is willing to help those who are less fortunate and boost them up when necessary.


Just as importantly, Stephen Odzer believes that volunteering and helping others comes back to help those who perform these acts. The spirit of giving works both ways, lifting you as it helps others who are struggling. As a result, Stephen Odzer suggests volunteering and donating as a way of boosting your mood if you are struggling with emotional difficulties.