Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer Speaks Out: What Does It Mean To Be A Visionary?

Many young people getting started in business have the same goal that Stephen Odzer had when he started a business out of his parents’ basement at age 18: to become a visionary. While the word visionary may mean different things to different people, Stephen Odzer believes that being a visionary means creating progressive solutions to problems, while staying true to the beliefs and values that matter to you the most.

Stephen Odzer’s distribution business has taken the industry by storm, and he’s heralded by many as one of the top distribution professionals in the field. Stephen Odzer believes in looking at long-standing problems in your industry and utilizing your imagination in order to create new solutions. According to Stephen Odzer, having a vision for a better future within your industry is key for making long-standing changes that will be recognized by others as changing the game.

Stephen Odzer also recommends respectfully challenging the way that things have always been done. While you may be hesitant to speak up if you’re a newcomer to your industry, Stephen Odzer encourages you to remember that you have what others in the industry don’t – a fresh set of eyes that can bring a new perspective to systems. Taking a look at the way that things have always been done and searching for a more efficient, cost-effective way to change long-standing systems can go a long way in helping you to recognize your vision of changing your industry.

Above all else, Stephen Odzer encourages young people to change their business to keep people first in all that you do. When you change things for your company, you want to be sure that both employees and consumers are positively affected. While it can take some time for those affected by the change to get behind differences in the way things have always been done, your goal should always be an end product that makes life easier and better for everyone involved, according to Stephen Odzer.

If you’re set on becoming a visionary in your industry, Stephen Odzer says that you’re already on the right track. Setting out to make things better and different can be hard, and many people are afraid to suggest new ideas and rock the boat. Stephen Odzer says that people who consider themselves visionaries are different. If you’re ready to switch up your industry, question the status quo, and search for new solutions, you’re on the fast track to being able to include yourself in the visionary category.