Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer: How Philanthropy is Easing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has people from all levels trying to do what they can, and philanthropists like Stephen Odzer are trying their best to get things back to a safe place.

Various people and organizations are trying their best to make things go more smoothly and safely during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly aiming to make sure that the pandemic ends sooner and with as few deaths as possible. Whether it is accomplished through donating items or money, philanthropists are really stepping up to contribute. This is not the easiest thing to accomplish, given the severity of the pandemic, but Stephen Odzer explains how and why philanthropists are so invested in getting this crisis taken care of sooner than later.

Stephen Odzer: Why are Philanthropists so Invested in Dealing with the Pandemic?

Stephen OdzerSome of the ways that philanthropists like Stephen Odzer are trying to help during the pandemic is by getting supplies to the people that need them. For example, a lot of hospitals have been, at least early on, needing a lot more supplies than they had available, due to how unprecedented the coronavirus pandemic was. Philanthropists will either focus on giving money to organizations in order to get the materials themselves, or they try to acquire and supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks.

One of the simplest reasons that philanthropists like Stephen Odzer want to get involved is that philanthropists, being potential victims of the pandemic themselves, are able to use their money to push measures designed to improve conditions. After all, they’re still people, whose friends, family, and themselves are all at risk of getting sick. Granted, they’re more stable, but they want to take care of their loved ones. Conversely, they want to make sure that they can help people do the same when they do not have the money or the means to do so themselves. This is not to suggest that philanthropists only care because caring benefits them and their loved ones. Indeed, some may, but philanthropists like Stephen Odzer and many other philanthropists see something that they can do to help and having the tools to do so, go ahead with it.

There are also philanthropists who are helping out from other angles, Stephen Odzer explains. For instance, America is facing unprecedented levels of unemployment due to states closing businesses to reduce infection and death. This is understandable and has helped curb both, but workers need to be able to afford food, shelter, and general safety, Stephen Odzer notes. Some philanthropists are working to help offset that burden. People who are struggling with joblessness may benefit from certain charities, particularly due to the circumstances of said unemployment, Stephen Odzer explains. Such philanthropy confers a world of good for all the people left out in the cold by Covid-19.