Stephen Odzer
Stephen Odzer Founds Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund to Provide Masks

Stephen Odzer Founds Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund to Provide Masks

The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is Helping to Mitigate the Spread of COVID 19 with Masks


The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is mitigating the spread of COVID 19 by sourcing and distributing masks. Stephen Odzer, the driving force behind the effort, is leveraging his experience in business and supply chain management to make a difference.


The money raised through the fund is used to source, channel and distribute masks to vulnerable populations. For those seeking masks, the process can be completed online and only takes a few minutes. Once the application is approved, masks are distributed in a safe, efficient and economical way to help mitigate the spread of COVID 19.


According to Hopkins Medicine, the spread of COVID 19 can be mitigated with masks and effective social distancing. As such, Stephen Odzer is helping fight COVID 19 by getting personal protective equipment into the hands of those that need it. COVID 19 is one of the most challenging illnesses the world has dealt with, and it is critical that masks are utilized to blunt the impact of this disease.


During the early days of the COVID 19 global pandemic, sourcing equipment such as masks seemed like a serious challenge. This was especially concerning for healthcare workers and those deemed essential workers. Through innovation, determination, and a dedication to doing what’s right, entrepreneurs like Stephen Odzer devised methods to source high-quality masks and deliver them quickly and cost-effectively.


Leveraging these skills in supply chain management and logistics is a necessity and has the power to make real differences in people’s lives. That is why Stephen Odzer has taken the steps to set up a fund and get masks to those that need them. Non-profits are an effective means to use skills sets developed in private industry for the public good.


Stephen Odzer shares the concern and dismay over the impact of COVID 19 with the rest of the community. Vulnerable people are suffering, businesses are shutting down and those with pre-existing conditions are at serious risk of health complications. For these reasons, Stephen Odzer is helping to raise money and distribute masks for the good of households throughout the U.S.


Stephen Odzer is the CEO of Adiva Industries and has a reputation for excellence in distribution, supply chain management, and logistics. He provides a spectrum of supplies to customers across multiple industries, helping to sustain hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and many others. In addition to leading efforts for COVID 19 relief, he has also founded the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund to help students.