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Steven Odzer Talks About His Support of the Republican Jewish Coalition

Family and businessman, Steven Odzer is a pillar of his community, not only does he support agencies that hire people with disabilities, the AHRC Foundation, Bris Avrohom, Jewish and Non-Jewish causes, and Arab/Jewish business cooperation, but he also supports the Republican Jewish Coalition. Steven Odzer has a very unique journey that has turned him into the businessman […]

Steven Odzer, CEO of YBT Industries Supports Agencies that Hire People With Disabilities

Steven Odzer, the CEO of a new distribution business, YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, has over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry. As someone who is a self-made businessman, he started his first company out of his parents’ basement when he was 18. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur who won the title of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of […]