Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer Talks About the Effort to Aid Coronavirus Victims in Israel

Stephen Odzer discusses the aid provided to Coronavirus victims in Israel and how it could be improved going forward.

Stephen Odzer has been donating his time and money to those in need in Israel for decades. Over the years, Stephen Odzer spent part of his time with his family in New York, while spending the rest of his time with his family living in Israel. Moreover, Odzer believes in the need for Israelis all over the world to help the country whenever possible. With the spread of Coronavirus, the need for aid to victims in Israel has never been greater.

People (and even some celebrities) from all around the world are currently donating their time, money, and supplies to Israel. These donations and volunteer efforts have not been in vain either. Israel has had one of the most successful responses to Coronavirus thus far. Stephen Odzer counts himself among the philanthropists who have contributed, though he’s more interested in how friends of Israel can improve and bolster their efforts to completely eradicate the virus in the country.

Stephen Odzer

Stephen Odzer Talks about Sending Aid to Israel’s Coronavirus Victims

Many Israel doctors and nurses have already returned to the homeland to provide aid to their Israeli brethren in need. Additionally, money and medical supplies are coming in from all over the world. However, Stephen Odzer believes that we can do better:

  • “The current state of Coronavirus in Israel is stable, but far from perfect. Government actions have been swift, but there’s only so much you can do against a fast-spreading virus. Now is the time to increase efforts to thwart this disease. It will be difficult, but not impossible.” – Stephen Odzer


  • “While the government of Israel holds the burden for its people, we also have a duty to help our fellow Israelis. Aid in the form of money, medical equipment, and medical professionals needs to increase. That’s the only way that Israel will rise from this crisis without experiencing a significant economic and potential security crisis.” – Stephen Odzer


  • “New Zealand completely eradicated Coronavirus. It was the first country to do so. Other countries like South Korea and France have done well at isolating hot-spots and preventing the spread of the virus before it could even start. With the kind of technology that our government can access, there’s no reason that we can bring the number of active cases in Israel to zero as well.” – Stephen Odzer


  • “The key is collective action on the part of the international community. From its very first days, Israel has had a target on its back. The impact of Coronavirus could open the door to violence and disruption of daily life throughout the country. To stop this, we must aid the Israeli government and charitable organizations to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep victims from succumbing to this deadly virus.” – Stephen Odzer